What the writers are saying

Here are some newspapers articles I came across:

Don McKee of the Philadelphia Inquirer says why not trade A-Rod to the Phillies for Pat Burrel straight up? Personally I think this offer is laughable considering the Phillies have been trying to get rid of Burrel all year and we already have a DH and 3 outfielders, throw in Cole Hamels, and youll get my interest.

Peter Abraham over at the Lower Hudson News mentions a couple teams that could use A-Rod and the chips they could use to attain him.

Jim Baubach of Newsday suggests some ideas for fixing the Yankees. His first idea is a noble one, keep A-Rod.

TJ Quinn on the other hand says the Yankees should dump A-Rod for a player like Mark DeRosa. Other than that dumb idea he puts forth some good points.

Whether or not the Yankees trade A-Rod this offseason will be the big story. I could be ok either way I just want my Yanks to be better next season. This is the last Yankee post for a while I will talk about some other teams next. I think next up I will talk about what I think the Devil Rays should do to be better next season and going forward.


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