A-Rods Season

There is a lot of talk about trading A-Rod after his "disappointing" season. I was cruising around the internet and Patrick over at YanksBlog brought up the idea of looking up A-Rod's season in comparison with other Yankee third baseman. This season Alex Rodriguez hit .290 /.392/.523 which was good for an OPS+ of 140. I looked back all the way to 1920 for other Yankee third baseman who posted at least a 140 OPS+. I found one other Yankee third baseman who ever had a season that good. In the strike shortened season of 1994 Wade Boggs hit .342/.433/.489 which was good for an OPS+ of 142.

So for anyone calling for the trade of A-Rod please realize that he is the single greatest Yankee third baseman offensively of all time. Here are his ranks among third baseman this season as well:
RBI- 1st

People can complain about A-Rod all they want but the guy produces year in and year out. Brian Cashman if you happen to stumble across this site, please don't trade Alex Rodriguez.


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Thanks for looking it up. :)


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