So I woke up this morning and instead of hiding in a hole and pretending the Yankees didn't lost I decided it would be better to read everything the sportswriters had to say about the Yanks. The two prevailing ideas are that:

a) Joe Torre will be fired and replaced with Lou Pinella and
b) Alex Rodriguez will be traded.

I greatly hope the first one doesn't happen, if Torre has to go please don't hire Pinella. I really hope they don't trade Alex Rodriguez, but as someone who loves trades this one could at least amuse me. My one thought here is, if they hire Pinella they should really not trade A-Rod. A-Rod and Pinella have a great relationship and maybe Pinella can get A-Rod out of his funk (Although .290 with 30+ homers and 120+ RBI is hardly a funk). I will be following all of the moves this offseason, next years Yankee team could be gravely different.

I was wrong with every one of my predictions, and that is why I am not a betting man. The Cards will be throwing Chris Carpenter in game four against Woody Williams to try and wrap up that series. Chris Young pitched a dominant game yesterday for the Padres. If the Padres can somehow come back from their deficit I think they could do some serious damage in the rest of the playoffs, but first they have to beat Carpenter and that isn't easy.

This offseason I think I am going to try something. I am going to put on my GM cap and tell you what I would do if I was the GM of various teams. I will also analyze any significant moves that teams make over the course of this long winter.


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