New Labor Agreement

MLB and the MLBPA have come to a new 5 year labor agreement with no stoppage of play. Basically the game is awash with cash and both sides didn't want to mess with a good thing. Here is a link with the specifics but their are a couple I found intersting:

Draft Choice Compensation
1. Type C free agents eliminated in 2006
2. Also in 2006, compensation for type B players becomes
indirect (sandwich pick) as opposed to direct compensation from signing
3. Effective 2007, Type A players limited to top 20 percent
of each position (down from 30 percent) and Type B players become 21 percent -
40 percent at each position (rather than 31 percent - 50 percent).
I think this is a good move. Compensation was a good thing but I feel like it was rewarded for too many players. If you lose an Alfonso Soriano you deserve some compensation but if you lose a Royce Clayton you don't really deserve much. This will make sure teams who lose stars get something back but teams losing scrubs won't get anything. Here was another rule I found intriguing.
"5. Provision requiring revenue sharing recipients to spend receipts to improve on-field performance retained with modifications."

I am not sure what the modifications are but maybe they will finally enforce some source of a salary floor. If a team is recieving 30 million dollars in revenue sharing they should have to use that to improve their team whether through free agents, the draft, or international signees. This money should go to improving the product on the field and not to fattening the owners wallet.


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