Hey I am Kyle, and this is my baseball blog. I am a college student currently residing in Boston Massachusetts (the center of RSN). I grew up in New York and am a big time Yankees fan. I have always been a big baseball fan, and have tried to go to as many games as I could in my life. Why did I make this blog? I have way too much time on my hands. Since I have gotten to college baseball has gone from something I liked, to somewhat of an obsession. Since I spend most of my free time reading about baseball anyway I thought it was a good idea to make a blog of my own.

As I have said I am a Yankee fan, but beyond that I am a baseball fan. This blog will probably have a lot of posts relating to the Yankees but there will also be posts about everything else happening in baseball. My goal with this is to give my critical take of everything happening in baseball and to back that up with facts. I am a big fan of the statistic community so I will try to use stats to back up my opinions as often as possible. Hopefully this site can mature into a place where ideas about baseball can be exchanged and discussed.


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Welcome to the Yankees blogosphere.

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