Commissioner for a Day

So last night the Cardinals an 83 win team just won the World Series. Congratulations to them as they played above their collective head this whole playoffs. On the other hand, I don't like bad teams winning. It basically means the regular season doesn't matter that much. In the spirit of the new CBA I am going to list the changes I would make if I was in charge of the league:
  1. Start the season a week earlier, baseball shouldn't be played in freezing weather.
  2. Mandate every team play 7 double headers over the course of the season. The problem with double headers is exhaustion but if you knew you had to play them in advance you could schedule your off days around it.
  3. No more interleague play. It dilutes the all star game and the World Series, and other than a few compelling matchups does anyone want to see the Nationals play the Devil Rays???
  4. No more unbalanced schedule. I don't get why the Yankees have to face the Red Sox 19 times a year it just gets boring by the end. Get rid of that and have every team face every other team equally. I understand there are issues with traveling but I freed up 2 extra weeks in my first two suggestions use 5 of those days as travel days and your set.
  5. Have two wild card teams. It will make the end of the season more interesting and get more people in the playoffs
  6. Have the two wild card teams face off in a three game playoff right after the season. The winner moves on to face the team with the best record.
  7. Make every series other than the wild card one 7 games. Five games is too few to establish whos better. Seven is also too few but its better.
  8. Have the best team face the worst one. If the wild card team and the team with the best record are both from the same division who cares they should still play each other.

Those are my changes and if they were in place I think the season would be a lot more compelling. The season wouldn't be any longer either. While there would probably be five extra off days and 5 extra days of playoffs. I saved two weeks in the first two examples. That would make the world series end four days earlier. Not much of a difference but every little bit counts.


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