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Buster Olney at ESPN.com is going to do a 10 moves I would make column later this week and over at MLB Trade Rumors he just put one up today. I like the idea so I am going to steal it. Here are my top 10 moves:

1) Yankees: Trade Gary Sheffield and money to the Cubs for Prior and Howry. The Cubs get an impact outfield bat on the cheap and the Yankees get a very good reliever as well as a high risk high reward pitcher in Prior. It also rights the wrong of not signing him when we first drafted him.

2) Tigers: Sign Barry Bonds to be your DH and part time LF. They just made it to the World Series so the team has some money so they can't just sit on their laurels. Bonds at DH would give them the best OBP hitter in all of baseball to put in the middle of their free swinging lineup. Detroit is also in an ideal situation with Thames and Monroe, that if/when Bonds can't play they have two very capable players to play LF and DH to fill in. Let Bonds play 2 games at DH and 2 games in LF out of every 5 games sitting out the fifth.

3) Marlins: Trade Dontrelle Willis. Dontrelle's value right now is very high but he is coming off a mediocre season. The Marlins have a lot of good young pitching depth so they could absorb a move like this. Dontrelle is going to get another big raise in arbitration and if he has another mediocre season his trade value will drop a lot. I would try and get as many big league ready players as possible for him right now. Don't sell short though nothing below a package equal to Milledge, Pelfrey, and Bannister should be considered. I would trade him to the DRays for Baldelli and a couple prospects

4) San Diego: Sign Barry Zito. Zito in that park with Cameron in center field will be very dangerous. San Diego doesn't have the young talent of LA, Arizona or Colorado but they will be able to compete if their top three is Peavy, Zito, Young. Those three would make them my early favorites for the NL West and in that park Zito would have to be a top choice for NL Cy Young.

5) St Louis: Trade Chris Duncan. Duncan should be a first baseman or a DH, but Pujols blocks him. It will be a hard one to do because of his relation to the pitching coach but they need pitching help and Duncan's value is very high right now. Over at MLBTradeRumors.com he mentions trading him for Mike Gonzalez of the Pirates, that would be the right type of move.

6) Yankees: Sign Matsuzaka. He could basically fix the Yankees pitching problems and yearly will probably cost less than Zito will. The Yankees need to get younger pitching but that is hard to come by. It will be a few years until they can get those guys all from the fam system so Matsuzaka offers a relative young top of the rotation type starter to team with Wang and eventually Hughes. That is the kind of rotation that they need.

7) White Sox: Trade whichever starter will get you the best value. Whether that is Garland, Garcia, Buehrle or Contreras. McCarthy is being wasted in the pen and he really should be starting. The White Sox have some holes they definately need to fill, namely shortstop, left field, and center field. They need to get better in those positions. They can probably cure one or two of those positions from within or free agents but I would move one of the starters to fill them.

8) Astros: Sign Carlos Lee. It will cost a lot and will cost them on defense, but they probably won't have Clemens or Pettite back next season. They will need some offense to be able to compensate for that. Lee slotted in behind Lance Berkman will make that offense considerably better. I would also try to move either Huff or Ensberg, whoever will have higher value. Then I would sign Woody Williams, as a #3 Williams could come cheap and give you quality innings.

9) Phillies: Sign Aramis Ramirez. He will give them one of the best hitting infields in the NL. With that lineup as well as a pitching rotation anchored by Myers, Moyer, and Hamels they could beat the Mets next year. The lineup is almost as good and the pitching is probably better.

10) Everyone: Every team this year needs to be smart spending. Every team is talking about increasing payroll, but their really isn't much worth spending money on. This year is a real weak free agent class and teams are going to be tempted to give big deals to the likes of Jeff Suppan. Teams need to stick to their guns or in a few years they will be dreading the deals they signed this offseason.


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